Judith’s well-established love of, and ability with horses has developed from her earliest years, taking her into a number of wide-ranging disciplines:

  • Rehabilitating Welfare Cases

  • Exercising Racehorses

  • Handling Young stock (including National Stud work)

  • Arabian Showing

  • Grooming and Riding Hunt Horses

  • Show Jumpers and Eventers

       (from grass routes to Olympic level)

She is now regularly asked by owners and would-be owners for professional advice on such matters:

  • Goal setting, for riders of all abilities, and covering session planning for both coached and self-development regimes

  • Horse selection, including suitability for various ages, abilities and disciplines.

  • Rider assessments, Including off-horse analysis to identify rider asymmetry

  • Horse fitness, including recommendations and introductions to physios, chiropractors, and also discussions on any relevant rider fitness.

  • Feed, including regimes for weight control, stamina, seasonal changes and so on, all supported, as needed, by an equine nutritionist.

  • Tack, from suitability of saddles and bridles for everyday riding, general adjustments, saddle fitting through to selection of the right tack for an individual rider/horse needs

  • Training, routines to keep every horse, from hack to eventer, fit and active